Marmaris Horse Safari

Marmaris Horse Safari

Marmaris Horse Safari The serenity of nature has always given people peace of mind. People who prefer city life because of their working conditions should be alone with nature when they have the opportunity on holidays. As modern as man is, it is a part of nature and can never be indifferent to the call of nature. If you are looking for a holiday activity where you can be in touch with nature, you can evaluate horse safaris in Marmaris. Marmaris is one of the unique beauty resorts of our country. We are very fortunate to live in a country that is beautiful in paradise, with its deep blue sea and green, which fascinates people. Since our country is a tourism paradise, we can understand how many natural beauties we live in.

Experience the Horse Safari in Marmaris

In an area between Marmaris and Gökova, there is a natural protected area reserved only for horse safari tours. It is a region that fully meets the definition of untouched nature. Horse safari tours are organized here and it is a very nice activity for those who want to be in touch with nature. You will be accompanied by a guide in Marmaris horse safari tours and you will discover the beauties of nature on the horse. This safari tour with bird chirps will be very good for you.

Horse Safari Tours

Horse safari tours in Marmaris are done in small groups. If you wish, you can also take a riding lesson in this area. For horse safaris, it is enough to be in Marmaris and be willing to do this. Accompanied by a guide, you can make a safe nature trip only in the site reserved for this job. As it is a protected area, it is a nature area containing untouched beauties.

Horse safari tours are carried out in the pine forests accompanied by the scent of nature and bird sounds. Safari tours are generally organized in two separate sessions, morning and afternoon. If you think you can not stand on a horse, you can get a training in horse riding before the safari. If you plan to participate in this activity with your children, you can also include them on ponies.

In order to feel the peace of green in your veins in Marmaris, you should definitely use this safari tour opportunity. With the possibility of such a horse safari, you can make your holiday unforgettable. Horse safaris are perfect for those who are looking for an enjoyable holiday activity away from mediocrity.

Duration of Horse Safari Tours

Horse safari tours organized between Marmaris and Gökova are arranged in two parts as morning and noon sessions. An average of eight people can attend a safari tour. While the tour is predominantly adults, there may also be children on demand. The duration of the tours is about three hours. During this time, you will have a pleasant ride on the horse.

During the tour, breaks can be given if necessary. Since the horse safari tour is made with the guidance that our company offers you, you will not have a problem in finding security and directions. Our company and tour guide are always with you when you need help with horse.

A Different Holiday Event In Marmaris

You can join Marmaris horse safaris by picking up from your hotel and leaving it. Those who think of a different holiday event should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. A nature trip on a horse will allow you to throw away all the negative electricity accumulated on you. If you want to have such a unique experience, you can contact us immediately. We provide all the necessary services for horse safari tours in Marmaris. You can join the Marmaris horse safari in a time of your choice, either in the morning or at noon. You can request to take part in this tour individually, or you may want to be involved with your friends or family group.

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